Week 2 – 2016 I Have a Dream….

Wow…. its been a full year already for me. Cancer treatments have filled my 1st 9 months of this year and now my father passed away this past week.
I have spent alot of time reflecting on my 57 years on earth so far. I have reached a critical tipping point of tolerating a life that I’m living that is not my dream life.
It really makes me wonder why we are so conditioned by society… our parents, well meaning family and friends… that our dream life is exactly that…. a dream.
How dare we believe that our dream is not possible to achieve. Or that our dream is insignificant, or frivolous. Didn’t God put that dream in our heart?
My dream is to travel the world…. see beauty…. experience the wonderful diversity of history and culture…. And I also have a dream to become financially independent and to teach others. Especially to teach women… so they have the confidence to be financially independent on their own.
I have joined an amazing mastermind group that focuses on helping people make their dreams happen. And I am so thankful to have found this group as I don’t know how many more years of my life I could live living a lie… of not following my dream that is in my heart…. given to me by God.
This past week has had such an impact on me in the real awakening of my old blueprint of how I have been living my life. One that my parents and society and school helped to create for me…. BUT its not the one in my heart.
Every time I find myself doing or saying or thinking something from my old blueprint… I find a new power in recognizing that it is my old blueprint and choose a new blueprint that is in alignment with MY dream. True power….
Now to move forward and to let go of the old blueprint and define the new…. grab on and hold tight as I know life is quickly changing…. in the direction I WANT.