Week 4 – 2016 100 Percent

In our weekly online class last Sunday, Mark made a statement that was a pivotal moment of realization for me.

He was telling us about his discovery in a moment of time during his life where he realized that he did not give 100% effort to the things he did. It was 70-80%

Just this one thought has stuck through me all week. Am I giving my 100%?

He said that this week would be a determining week for a lot of us in the class. Many of us would decide that giving 100% would be too hard and time consuming… thereby making a decision to let go of attending the class.

Mark also said that some of us would realize that we needed to up the ante and decide to play full out and give our 100% to stay in the class and even make more effort to our weekly readings and homework.

I went through this week with a continuous conscious thought in everything I was doing… “am I doing this (thing) with 100% of my effort?”

Many times it was a “no” followed with a surge or renewed desire to do better… and doing it. Sometimes it was the realization that I was not motivated to do something at 100% and wondering why the motivation was not present to do better.

I think the real gift in the exercise of this week for me was the conscious awareness of my effort vs lack of effort in all I did. Surprisingly, I found that there were many things I did not give my 100% and for no apparent reason.

In Haanel’s book “The Master Key System” part 4-9 reads:

If you cannot do these things it is because you have thus far not made the necessary effort. Now is the time to make the effort. The result will be exactly in proportion to the effort expended. One of the strongest affirmations which you can use for the purpose of strengthening the will and realizing your power to accomplish, is, “I can be what I will to be”.

I really want to change my life to the one I dream of living. I have wanted and tried for this change for alot of years. Time to stop trying and start doing 100%