Week 7 – 2016 Practice, Practice, Practice

I feel a lot like the video posted this week! I laughed so hard as I watched it for the 2nd and 3rd time! And wished I could be a fly on my own wall to watch myself go through all the readings and sit this week.

This week feels like the week of pulling it all together for me. Finally alot of the exercises are just making sense. Not sure what the magic moment was, but definitely understand now what Mark means by all this being cumulative.

Actually I’m also feeling quite peaceful and patient. And as the week goes on, it is much easier to stay in the flow of positivity. My family has joined me on the mental diet and we are seeing some amazing results from this combined effort.

Feeling like this is a short blog post as I still am assimilating all the cool feelings and new awarenesses of the week.

Peace out!