Week 11 – 2016 Eagles Don’t Fly

This is my weekend of servant leadership as I crew our team retreat in Lake Las Vegas. We have early mornings and late evenings… and being on crew means we are there in the room an hour before the participants, and when the participants call it a night, we go off to prepare the items for the next day. Our objective… to fully support the participants and speakers so they have an amazing event.

The topic… leadership. But it’s not just about our businesses… it is really about the relationship we have with others and especially with ourselves.

So I brought all my readings and notecards, and am making the time to stay present with my promises to MKMMA.

Everywhere I see examples of the 7 Laws. I am becoming more and more aware of the Law Of Attraction. I am especially seeing this in interaction between participants at our retreat… subtle nuances like the outgoing and vocal people hang out and choose partners that are of like personality. Same with the timid and more quiet ones… they hang together.

A topic that was discussed at great length was how our beliefs from childhood affects our adult performance.

The speaker made a simple statement that seemed to be almost dismissed but hit me square between my eyes.

Eagles don’t fly, they just DO.

I really thought about that simple statement for quite a while. I rolled around in my mind all the excuses I seem to have in my mind that make total sense to me as to why I don’t go out and DO what it takes to make my business grow the way I want it to. All the beliefs, fears, and insecurities… all the thought power expended in trying to figure it out and “heal” the mind game. All to no avail.

What if I simply just DO instead of THINK.

After all, I really want to be the eagle and fly…..