Week 14 – 2016 Lessons In Movies

October Sky is a very compelling true story about a boy’s interest in building rockets after seeing the Sputnick travel across the sky in October of 1957.

He meets what seems to be insurmountable odds against him as he rallies his friends and even the community nerd to help him build and fire off rockets. They had very little access to “rocket building information” as this was still a very new technology and NO internet to google for information!

Yet, he succeeds in building several and goes on to win a science contest and later earns a scholarship to college.

My learnings from this movie were several. First I was profoundly moved by his single focused objective…. to build a rocket that flies. And he didn’t let anything get in his way of doing it. PERSISTENCE was the key. Persistence and a DEFINITE MAJOR PURPOSE. Also, he needed to stay positive in his thoughts always….. and to keep enthusiastic about his mission… especially in enlisting help from his friends. All this despite the odds against him = SUCCESS.

The second movie I watched was “Wild”. Again, based on a true story. I appreciate movies based on true stories as it seems the messages are more profound as I can really take it in and KNOW that someone accomplished… or went through and made it.

Cheryl Strayed trekked the Pacific Trail in 2012 after coming to a point in her life where she was painfully aware of needing to change her ways. Clearly she was on a path of self destruction. She woke up finally to know that this was the last straw…. change needed to happen now and SHE needed to change.

I am especially excited about the movie as I have had my own “Come to Jesus” moments of needing to change several times during my life. about 15 years ago…. it was about changing my domineering bull personality to one of kindness and love. This year…. it is about changing my financial situation and profession.

What I learned from this movie is to stay the course…. persistence again…. to keep going until you arrive into the light that you are seeking. Even if the outcome is not quite as crystal clear as it should be…. to STAY IN MOTION and keep going. And to love yourself through it.

2 excellent choices that go hand in hand with all that I am learning in the Master Keys Mastermind….  Thank you Mark and Davene!!