Week 17 – 2016 Time Is Flying Part 2

This week…. I have found that in keeping my focus time continues to move quickly. Again, people, items, thoughts, ideas, seem to magically be there right as I need them.

I truly believe I have moved from a conscious and calculated way of living my life to a heart centered way of life and everything flows.

This doesn’t take much practice any more. The “bear hugs kettle” reminder to flip my thoughts really isn’t being called upon much any more. I am smiling all the time.

And I love it.

I am finding what is present in my thoughts without conscious choice is Scroll #2…

I greet this day with love in my heart.

Life is good.

Week 16 – 2016 Time Is Flying Part 1

Yes, I am writing this blog post a week late. And yes, I am splitting it up into 2 blog posts to be able to meet my weekly promise to make a blog entry every week during my MKMMA experience.

I own up to it.

Yet, the 2 blogs, even on the same topic have 2 different focuses and observations.

Last week (week 16) it was amazing how fast the week flew by. I did my daily readings, my cards, my sit exercise all pretty much on automatic. It is a habit now. And the rest of the days just disappeared… like super focused and time just melted away. Things I need and people I want to connect with are coming to me at hyper speed. Decisions are being made quickly and amazingly accurate. I am living from my compass and life is flowing in the direction I want!! It is awe-inspiring!

And a bit scarey… can I keep my focus on track even longer to keep moving forward? I will say “yes” and just know I can.