Don’t 2nd Guess- Trust

Hahahaha!!!!!!!! What are the odds….

Yesterday I picked Laser Focused for my I AM card of the day…. TODAY….. after a day full of business building and an intense mastermind call…. I put yesterday’s card back into the pile… reshuffle it… and pick a new card.

AGAIN I picked Laser Focused! So of course I start laughing because YES I have been very Laser Focused today ?☺️☺️. So to humor my self I pick another card.,,. I AM HILARIOUS ? ???????❤️❤️❤️ GOT TO LOVE ❤️ THESE CARDS!! #neverdoubt #godhasasenseofhumor #IAM

After posting the above post on Facebook 2 days ago… the experience of that has rolled around in my thoughts. The whole thing took maybe less than a minute.

BUT it sealed an awareness into my conscious mind.

In the split second after I pulled the Laser Focused card again… my mind went to “yeah…. oops… thats a mistake….”

Which quickly moved to thats weird…. what a coincidence…. to hahaha… thats funny and its a message… all within fractions of a minute… as I pulled the second card…. I AM HILARIOUS!

The awarenesses are these:

  • why did I doubt/ 2nd guess the 1st card?
  • why did my mind automatically tag it as a mistake?
  • why did I feel compelled to draw a 2nd card… and in that thought was the assumption that the 2nd card would be THE RIGHT one…. the right message.
  • And really…. to take all experiences/ awarenesses/ messages as important and not to dismiss them.

One of the huge gifts I have received in this past year was to have a pay it forward scholarship granted to me by the 2015 class of The MasterKeys Mastermind led by Mark Januszewski. He calls himself The World’s Laziest Networker… but dont believe it. He has worked harder than most people I know to get where he is at and then to choose to dedicate his life helping people to understand and transform their inner mindset and inner talk to be supportive of the dreams people hold inside them.

So in this 8 month long mastermind class one of the skills we learn to develop is that of being the observer.

THIS IS CRITICAL!!! How can you even begin to change something if you are not aware of what happened.

So you see… the whole experience I had with my “I AM” cards the other day… starts with the gift of the skill learned of being an observer. I couldn’t have had ALL those learnings which have already created some changes in my life just in the past 2 days.

Like most of all:

  • listening to my gut instinct
  • following my gut instinct
  • trusting my gut instinct
  • living my truth
  • being able to laugh at myself

I am always a lifelong learner. I always am bettering myself and therefore have the tools and experience to share the knowledge and help others become who they are in their truth.

Heard this the other day:

a testimony is a story about YOUR TEST.

I no longer dread the hard times and frustrating experiences. $hit happens. And its there for a reason as a test to be a part of my testimony.

Thank you Mark J and the Fabulous Davene and all the MKMMA Guides and staff. I fricking LOVE you!



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