Synchronicity and Feelings of Inadequacy

I just love ❤️ the game of life and being aware of synchronicity that I know are always of purpose. Today in my “I AM” card picking 2 cards dropped from my deck. Both identical in design and color.. both with SPECIFIC messages I needed to be aware of today.

In a swarm of emotions yesterday my thoughts ranged from “Am I on the right track in my profession” “Do I have what it takes to make my goal and dreams become manifest” “can I go another day with this post chemo tiredness” “Am I doing the right thing”.

Woke up this am with all the answers immediately in my thoughts, knowing I AM on the right track, I HAVE what it takes, I DO have the energy…. and I pull these cards ♥️. So wonderful to have confirmation to know that my thoughts are real things… and when they come from the heart ❤️ and I listen… and follow my heart ❤️ truth always prevails.
#liveeachdaylikeitisyourlast #followyourcompass #thankyouMKMMA #thankyouMarkJ