Week 6 ~ 2017 Cement Falling Off In Boulders

We started the course learning the story of the Golden Buddha…… The legend of the town was that they covered their Golden Buddha with cement to prevent it from looking valuable and being stolen while at war. The Cement stayed on for several generations til everyone in the town forgot about its beauty and value.

Until one day a young student knelt at the Buddhas feet at prayer and noticed that part of the outer layer chipped off and a gleaming golden Buddha was underneath.

This brought the townspeople to the Buddha and they worked together to remove the cement to allow the beauty shine again.

Of course true or not…. it is a metaphor for our life and chipping away the old beliefs and fears aka the old blueprint…. to allow our truth and inner desire to come forth and shine as it is meant to.

The last 2 weeks I spent in Las Vegas. I did my readings most days. I attended 1 of the 2 class webinars live…. watching the 2nd one on replay.

So I did the work…. but not 100%.

Today….. I go to my 2nd personal training session since returning from Las Vegas and have this experience:

Kicking life up several notches. It’s the season to put in the work and do what others won’t so I can have what others don’t. Major realization today in my workout with my ever entrusted trainer…. how I think I’m doing my best and in reality was stopping just short of what I was really capable of. Interesting. In that moment of supersetting my arm workout with weights heavier than I have ever lifted.,. I was stopping short of the number of reps my trainer asked me to do. I was fearful of dropping the weights and injuring myself. Trainer says “I know you can do this. You got this” I allowed myself to ignore the fear and do it anyway. And I did it. With weights heavier and more reps than ever before. In that moment, someone else believed in me more that I believed in myself. And I went thru the fear anyway and found a new me in the other side. #stayfocused #believeyoucan #gothereanyways

I am finding this week that despite my less than 100% follow through on my daily readings….. cement is falling off in large chunks! My thoughts are even more focused and positive. I’m actually looking forward to my prospecting where just 2 weeks ago I was fearful, unsure, and avoiding.

But the biggest ah-ha was the one from the workout.

I can give so much more effort even when I think I am doing my 100%.

Time to kick it up several notches….. if I am experiencing results with this level of effort…. I AM REALLY EXCITED ABOUT THE RESULTS I WILL ACCOMPLISH WHEN I DO MY BEST.