Week 9 ~ 2017 Seriously….. Ready to Quit


For the past 3 weeks I have been reading, reciting, thinking, and trying to “Greet this day with love in my heart”.

Scroll 2 in The Greatest Salesman by Og Mandino. See my last post to read it in its entirety.

Why is this so hard. Not like I have a reason to hate. But the programming of past disappointments, past hurts, past regret, past failings….. is just too much right now. I suppose that is why I really am needing this and struggling  with it.

This old blueprint that I really want to release is so deep and stuck inside me. I am struggling with it moment to moment.

I seriously am tired and so over with feeling like I am chasing something that just will never be.

And yet the last sentence of the scroll:

I will greet this day with love, and I will succeed

is haunting me to stay the course. Wake up one more day and give it a go.

This IS the reason I won’t quit. After all….. I always keep my promises.