Week 11 ~ 2017 This Mountain Of Mine

Today I recommitted to doing The Sit.

After being on the webinar yesterday for the Go 90 Grow skills…. Mark J made a comment about the “pushback” of change and new habits really comes from the conscious mind not the subconscious. This was a lightbulb moment for me as I was believing that it was the other way around. And that I was thinking my intuition and subconscious was rebelling to things that were not right or aligned with who I am.

Now that I really think about it…. I get it. Subconscious only takes direction…. from the conscious. I know this. My conscious ego was getting in the way!!

And talk about those “inexplicable things”….. my week has been full of them!

I have been drawn to take a challenging trip of mountain climbing…. I want to experience the Skylodge Hotel in Peru’s Sacred Valley…. see a video of it here and another here.

I was drawn to watch a video made by my mentor and personal sponsor Dave Ulloa in my network marketing company not once… but 3 times… it is about his personal experience summitting Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania Africa. I was drawn to it as he speaks to having a “mission worth fighting for”. And of course its about a mountain. See it here

I have had this image as my facebook picture for the last several weeks…..


This is what I have been looking at- at my desk in my office: a postcard I picked up when at the MKMMA Live last May…. my favorite of the Napali Coast….. and TOTALLY UNAWARE TIL NOW… the screen saver I picked just 2 months ago of a girl running on the beach in front of MOUNTAINS….

ok…. more….. my dream board in my office…

This morning I woke an hour before my alarm was to go off… 5:30am. Wide awake…. just dreamt that I was watching my grandkids ( I love them soooo much…. my day STOPS when I am with them) and we were at an indoor park….. I looked over to where my purse was… and it was GONE. My wallet… credit cards…. cash…. GONE. And in the moment I woke up…. I heard Mark J’s voice loud and clear saying ” SUCCESS CONSCIOUSNESS”

I decided right then that it was time for me to see the good in this dream. It was time to WAKE UP.

So I started my day earlier than planned. Got out of bed, showered, ate breakfast, and enjoyed a beautiful short clip of Bethany Williams sitting amongst the beautiful mountains in Nepal with the simple line of “This morning I’m reminiscing of Nepal and the incredibly beautiful mountain scenery. #nepal #scenery” see it here


So…. I know what to do.

I get into my sit. It’s been a long time since I’ve done it. And my mind begins to wander… I decide to use the phrase “success consciousness” (and in Mark J’s voice) as a focus to keep me in my sit.

It starts to make sense…. what it all means.

My peptides are addicted to CHALLENGE. And as of lately negative challenge.

My personal trainer at the club said it to me twice last week…. “I see you like a challenge” and gave me more weights and reps…. and I rose to the challenge.

My life has revolved around 24 years of intense martial arts training………. challenge.

Working for many years in a hospital in a high risk setting of sick moms… delivering their sick babies.

I survived against all odds of a year fighting cancer…. chemo… surgery…. radiation…. recovery.

My husband and I survived financial loss of our business of 37 years.

We survived the loss of our house.

I have traveled the world and have had really cool experiences…. challenges….. martial arts training in South Korea 3 times. Staying in a Buddhist Temple to learn the culture. Hiking the inside of a crater of a dormant volcano. Hiking a rain forest. Snorkeling amongst jelly fish. Walking around Munich ALL NIGHT LONG at 15 years old without the ability to speak German and no map…. with a man who was to become my husband.

And then it hit me.

I DO like challenge. The kind that is fun and immediately gives me the desire to rise to the occasion and prove to myself that I can over come it…. accomplish it…. experience what many others don’t or choose not to.

So why do I repel from the challenge in my business? Fear…. Fear of rejection and being seen as so different. Fear of being looked at with judgement of my desire to rise successfully so far above others that some might think “against all odds”. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm….

I DO like challenge. It is what makes me come alive and makes life juicy. It’s the stories I reminisce about ALL. THE. TIME.

Soooooooo…. all these inexplicable things have helped me to see the gift in this for me….. I love challenges!!! AND IT IS TIME TO PUT THE SPECIALIZED KNOWLEDGE I NOW HAVE TO WORK AND CREATE THE CHALLENGES I WANT TO EXPERIENCE!