Week 13 ~ Lesson In Persistence ~ October Sky

My daughters and I decided to watch the movie October Sky this past week together as our homework for Master Keys.


Based on the true story of Homer H. Hickam, Jr., a coal miner’s son who was inspired by the launch of Sputnik 1 in 1957 to take up rocketry against his father’s wishes and eventually became a NASA engineer.

It seems as though my inner focus these past several weeks has been on persistence. And I am seeing that it really goes through phases…. 1st I was feeling stuck and unmotivated. Slightly confused also as I really wanted the results I had stated but was not motivated to do the work in November.

Then as we started Scroll 3 in December my motivation picked up and enthusiasm came back…. I know that the 3x/day reading of scroll 3…. I Persist Until I Succeed had much to do with that!

Now…. I am really recognizing that I am becoming “single eyed focused” in my thought and actions this past week…. letting go of a lot of “things”, obligations, and old blueprint thoughts that don’t support my Definite Major Purpose.

So as we watched the movie I got a good grasp on the 4 habits of persistence that we learn about and implement through Master Keys. This movie very clearly told the story… in a hero’s journey story line with all 4 habits.

Homer Hickam wanted to build a rocket that would fly into space.

He was surrounded by classmates, friends, his town, even his father who told him he couldn’t do it. Classmates made fun of him and called him names. His father told him that his choice of career would be to follow in HIS footsteps of being a coal miner.

But Homer kept his FAITH and ONE-EYED FOCUS on his dream…. his bliss…. his DMP…. definite major purpose- to build that rocket.

Homer had his heros journey call presented to him via the launch of Sputnik in 1957. He watched with inspiration as the Sputnik traveled across the evening sky and lit his heart on fire.

He sought out books about spaceship building… renewed interest in chemistry class as they found different combinations of chemicals that became explosive.

Through his ENTHUSIASM he attracted 3 other students to him that were HELPERS in manifesting a rocket that would fly. Even one of his teachers believed in him so much that she gave him a book on how to build rockets.

Along the way of his journey he had many challenges…. rockets built that didn’t fly…. exploded on the ground. People who accused him of stealing items to use in building the rockets, and even his father who became injured in a coal mining accident that ended up forcing Homer to drop out of school an go work in his fathers coal mine for a period of time.

You could see Homer’s inner light of enthusiasm virtually disappear over night while he was working in the coal mine.

Yet one day¬† he woke up…. he had his death and rebirth of transformation realizing that he was living his life for others instead of following his heart.

Through most of his journey he was able to keep a POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE which you could see rub off onto the 3 other students who were his helpers.

His PLAN OF ACTION was to keep trying…. keep building another rocket…. keep testing each one and keeping written documentation of how they were built… with what materials… and how long and high it flew.

Homer had several people as his mastermind partners: His 3 buddies that helped him build and test the rockets, Rocket scientist Wernher von Braun who was his major source of inspiration, a teacher who believed in him.

Finally, Homer and his buddies won the gold medal in the 1960 science fair which then allowed him to attend college. By 38 years old he was working for NASA making many contributions for our current day space travel.

Here is an awesome example of a young man who against all odds of breaking out of a generational blueprint of financial hardship, lack, and coal mining occupation…. broke out and followed his heart.

Despite negativity all around, what seemed like lack of resources to make it happen…. once he accepted his PERSONAL TRUTH and followed his heart…. kept the FAITH of one-eyed focus of his DMP…. he became at one with his purpose…. and it came true.