Week 6 ~ 2018 No Opinion


So I was looking back at my previous years of Master Key blogging and discovered that I was in Vegas during this week of the mastermind.

So funny… because I just returned from Vegas on Tuesday night.

This topic is a constant reminder for me….. I guess I have been very opinionated… and no so very aware of it.

Not something I’m proud of…. but I’m also not beating myself over the head about it anymore. Acknowledge the thought… it is there… then refocus on what I really want and move on.

Guess that last sentence sums up the whole learning for me. If I try to “catch myself” or if I make myself wrong for having the opinion, I end up feeling bad about myself and THAT thought and feeling sticks with me. And that doesn’t feel good, nor is it good for anyone.

So the biggie here is to acknowledge the thought. I am human. AND I can control my thought….so as soon as I recognize my thought is off course…. It is time to redirect the ship back to thinking about what I DO want.

Makes sense to me anyways!

Week 5 ~ 2018 Vacation

Yah….. Even tho I am vacationing in this week…. I am still doing my readings, my exercises, and keeping my promises.

Despite needing to watch the webby recording, my promise to this mastermind group and myself is constantly in my thoughts and focus. I am finding it easier to KEEP my focus and to keep the positive thoughts.

The readings and reciting my DMP, BPB are made easier with my mind permanently etched with “DO IT NOW”!!

BTW…. Anatelope Canyon…. OMG AWESOME! Bucket List item check off!


Week 4 ~ 2018 Give Up? Stay The Course? Which Way To Go?


Well, this is the week to either QUIT or RECOMMIT.

I know what’s in store. Yep, been down this road with this mastermind twice before. I know whats coming.

And, I STILL have thoughts about quitting. Just let go. Return to the old blueprint…. of course my subby is yelling!!! My mind is rationalizing…. sure would be easier to just stop all this. No more hours of homework. No more Sundays in front of my computer. No more reading the passages that are indelibly etched into my mind.


I already see the signs of moving even closer to my dream and my definite major purpose. Its almost dizzing, intoxicating…. the changes that are happening at breakneck speed that can only indicate I am on the right path.

Yep… recommitting.

Week 3 ~ 2018 Joy vs Happiness

This topic has been on my mind a lot this week.

The question of “Why am I not happy” has been in my thoughts…. now bear with me as I dissect this!

Just the realization of the nature of assuming I am “not” happy already is great cause for concern. What if I really am happy and just don’t realize it? Then its the “addiction to the peptides of sadness”???

Or even going into the conversation of “I’ll be happy when…” I know better than that. It’s moving the goal posts of happiness that is my chase.

I stumbled upon this video by Matthew McConaughey that really summed up what I was twisting around in my head…… its all a choice.

But JOY just feels different than happiness…. I agree with him…. happiness is a destination and joy is the process.

I like that. But don’t believe what I have to say on it…. watch Matthew’s video for yourself and you think on it. You decide what it means for you.

Week 2 ~ 2018 Letting Go Of The Old Story Of Why “I Can’t”


This is round 3 for me in this wonderful global mastermind…. And I am back for MORE.

The work is tough… glorious… time consuming… and WORTH IT.

Personal growth, in my humble opinion, should never be “a thing” you spend some time on and then stop.

We are what we think about…. ALL THE TIME! Be the careful “guardsman at the gate” of your mind because it directly impresses and influences your subconscious mind where all action comes from. Not taking action? Taking wrong action? Check in with the results you are currently getting and investigate your inner mind with what you are knowing AND unknowingly filling it with!

OK OK OK…. I just wrote that last paragraph all in the 3rd party “you” tense….. and really it is meant to be ME speaking to ME.!!! hahaha CAUGHT!!!

Anyways…. this is a great video on our thoughts….

Tell me what YOU think about it!