Week 16 ~ 2018 Kindness

I love this progression of the Franklin Makeover! In 2016 and 2017 I think I experienced some of the biggest ah’has and awarenesses about myself thru the makeover. 2018 go around is proving true again.

In this week of observing, performing, and tallying up acts of kindness of myself and others has been HARD for me.

Not anything I want to get into detail at this time…. however what my learning was… just tonight…. at the end of the week long exercise…. is I am not being kind to myself.

I’m not meaning in the way of delusion where I need to be selfish in kindness to myself…. but that I was having difficulty in seeing and doing kindness for others. So in fact… being selfishly unkind.

I don’t know if that makes sense to you. It does to me.

And because of it, I was downright unkind to myself. I allowed myself to dwell on negative. I allowed myself to feel pity about the things I have not done, fell short of, and just outright rebelled.

And I do recognize NOW how by not allowing myself to see the kindness in myself…. I could not see it in and for others.

I learned tonight that seeing kindness in others and doing random acts of kindness for others is in fact creating abundance. And who doesn’t want abundance? Why choose the Law of Decline over the Law of Growth?

Even when the choice is unconscious… to the side I don’t want…. finally seeing the consequence and becoming aware of my unconscious choice is a wonderful learning.

And I am grateful.