Week 1 Masterkeys 2019

Well, well. Here I am embarking on my fourth round of masterminding with an amazing group of people. This time I’m in a very different place.

No longer is it all about me and the changes I want to make in and for myself.

Don’t get me wrong…. I’m still always working on growing my character and my abilities.

But this time…… mmmm…… really got the nudge to make it about something bigger than me. Reaching out and being in service to others.

So, today I begin a new life. No longer playing small and invisible. I am seen. I am authentically me. I am here to help others.

Today, I begin again…. only this time as a guide for our mastermind.

I am choosing to step into the light and allow myself to make it all about others, because I know I will grow into my next level of me.

Enjoy Jim Carrey’s video above. It says so much… I am so grateful for this journey.