Week 3 Masterkeys 2019 Clarity

OK….. We all know the old saying “If you want to know if you REALLY know something…. go teach it”.

I don’t know who said that or some version of it but I’m sure feeling it this week.

As the DMP’s come rolling in from my 10 tribe members, I remember back to the years I was a participant and writing and re-writing my DMP to get it as crystal clear as glass and specific and robust with detail and feeling…. all under 400 words.

And now…. I sure have a basket full of empathy for the guides that helped me!

I’ll tell you though…. This week sure has caused me to look at my own DMP with much more scrutiny as I am now “guiding” participants. Its good. Refining the vision. Sharpening the saw. Learning at a whole new level.