Week 4 Masterkeys 2019 Sacrifice

It’s been a very interesting week last week. My concept of who I have been vs who I am working on becoming has become alarmingly disconnected.

It all began as a discussion around Sacrifice with my mastermind partner. What is it that we needed to give up, let go, dissolve that is holding us back from the life we truly want?

My participant tribe of 10 people currently going through the Masterkeys Class are writing and rewriting and rewriting their DMP’s (Definite Major Purpose statement) to fine tune it into EXACTLY what they are impressing into their subconscious to create their dream life- their dharma.

This means, for the past 3 weeks now, I have been reading these DMP’s and all the revisions they have done, in guiding them to get it specific, detailed, and with emotion. And a common theme with them all has been this topic of SACRIFICE. So…… no wonder my subconscious is working overtime on my own sacrifice, right? #OfCourse.

Anyways…. back to the story.

As my mastermind partner and I are deep in thoughtful discussion about this…. it starts to become apparent that there is actually several key things coming together as a “perfect storm”

It’s really not just about sacrifice. Its also about what Gay Hendricks refers to in his book “The Big Leap”…. the Upper Limit problem. The Upper Limit being that “zone of genius” where time disappears. That ZONE where you would choose to do whatever that “thing” is in trade of anything else….. THAT zone would TRULY be “oxygen for your soul”. You know what I mean???

But there is something there…. a barrier…. that when bumped up against, we shrink back down into a comfort zone of familiarity. Even if it isn’t what we want.

And that’s the payoff…. we fear the risk of being seen, because we either feel fundamentally flawed in some way, or fear being rejected, or maybe fear of success being “too hard”, or maybe even afraid of shining our inner light so bright- that it would cause someone else to look or feel bad. So we shrink back. Back into the comfort zone…….

Which I just realized…. isn’t the “comfort zone” really the “DISCOMFORT ZONE”????? We dont want to be there….. deep down inside we really want to be over there instead!

But the payoff is…. we get to escape criticism or being ostracized. We get to remain anonymous and fit into the bland life we so desperately want to change.

So sacrifice……………………………….. I am sacrificing being fearful of playing small and therefore alowing myself to be SEEN. Which means I follow my heart and intuition. It also means I stand my ground in my opinion. I do my best instead of monitoring myself so that I fit in and fear not being accepted.

I am living my fullness with complete abandon to the opinions of others.

I am staying focused on ME and what I want. Because then I can be the BEST ME to give my talent to others.