I AM A Creative Genius

This morning I am sitting and thinking about how I might get my ideas of tattoo patterns in my head onto paper and in front of the @Juzo company to have made into compression sleeves.

I have worn a compression sleeve daily now for 9 months because of lymphedema due to breast cancer. I have bumbled and cried my way through cancer recovery because my body and appearance has changed so drastically in just one year. I feel very vulnerable and egocentric admitting to this but I will anyways as I always want to share the light just in case it might lift even one other person.

Putting on 25# in 12 months merely from lack of energy and sleeping most of 8 months or treatment… to losing all my hair… everywhere ?which made my face nearly recognizable to my self…. I sank deeply into low self confidence and depression.

Through recovery…. the consistent compliment I received was on my “cool henna tattoo”. Which actually was my Juzo compression sleeve. It made me feel great… and on many days… pulled me through a ton of negative emotions.

NOW…. I would like to convert my zentangle drawings which resemble henna tattoos into compression wear for cancer survivors. I have tried contacting @Juzo company which produce the best compression sleeves I have found… to no avail. They did respond to my 1st email with a statement that they don’t create special order garments… which this is not. I re wrote to them explaining what I want to do… and no response.

I’m not ready to give up that easy. I AM speaking, thinking, and visualizing this endeavor into my reality. Anyone have suggestions or contacts?

Oh BTW…. as I sit and contemplate this…. this is my beautiful “I AM” card I pull for today ?. Of course. I AM on the right track. #followyourcompass #liveeachdaylikeitisyourlast #justdoit