Press Release

Press Release (Published in the Imaginary Times of My Mind)

Reporter : So, people say you have achieved the near impossible! You made a new life for yourself exactly the way you want it… and really made it happen. Of course many people try to do this every year at the start of the New Year, but miserably fail. How did you do it?

Wendy: It’s amazing! I once was one of those people too… for so many years of my life I knew I wanted something more… something bigger… lots of success. But it was elusive to me. Until I found an amazing group of people that wanted to recreate their lives also. It was in a Mastermind group lead by Mark Januszewski called the “Master Keys Mastermind

We studied The Master Key System by Haanel, and the Greatest Salesman In The World by Mandino, and did lots of thinking, defining, repeating our DMP’s and PPN’s and “masterminding” with each other. Mark taught us about the importance of creating good habits and finishing what we start.

Reporter : Whoa….. Wait a minute. This was just a class? So anybody could take this class and POOF… change their life? Just like that?

Wendy: Yes!… well… no… maybe….

Reporter : Which is it?

Wendy: Yes. Anyone could sign up for the class. BUT it requires dedication and time. And we learn real quickly the importance of deciding how badly you really want the change you say you do. You see, our daily actions are really just a bunch of habits we have gotten used to doing. Many of which do not support the style of life we would like to live.

Reporter : What do you mean?

Wendy: Well, one of the biggest habits I had to change was the habit of not finishing what I start. The homework done every week has a cumulative effect on the results. If I didn’t keep up with the required steps I wouldn’t accomplish the outcome I was wanting. So I had to decide to promise myself that I would finish it, and better yet… finish with 100% of my efforts.

Reporter : Cool. I know I have a problem with that at times too… like joining a gym and working out regularly for the 1st couple of months and then sporadically after until deciding I don’t want to pay the membership anymore!

Wendy: Exactly! One of the biggest accomplishments I experienced was that I had just recently started with a new company when I took the class. It is a network marketing company… one that really excites me and fulfills my lifetime goals of travel and mentoring and earning money.  I had done previous network marketing companies before in other lines of product and services with very lukewarm results. So I was initially fearful that I would go the same route… even though it was something VERY appealing to me! I WANTED SUCCESS so bad with this one that I decided to do what it took to achieve it! Now, I am proud to say that not only have I earned the top rank, I travel the world regularly with my family to mentor others in helping them to overcome their beliefs and blocks to build their business. On these trips we also have amazing experiences that before all this, I never imagined I would have the opportunity to have. But best of all… because of my desire and willingness to allow myself to do something different and create new habits and beliefs, now I am able to know my family and I are financially set for life. We can truly enjoy our time and experiences and continue to help others at even a deeper level I ever imagined… and not ever worry again about our bank accounts and investments.

It truly is a freeing feeling.

Reporter : I bet. What would you want to share with others wanting to do the same… to change their life?

Wendy: Great question! Find an awesome mentor who has your best interest in mind. Get REALLY clear about what you want to accomplish and do in life. How you want to feel… what to want to do for others. Get SO clear about it that you can close your eyes and see/ feel/ hear all of it. Make the promise to yourself to change your habits to those that support getting you to your goals. BUT to start… really need to work on the beliefs in the mind… those voices that tell you why you can’t do it.

I know I could not have done this alone on my own. I tried for many years with very small successes.

Find a perfect mentor… or consider joining us in our next class. Anybody can apply… but will you be willing to really do what it takes… promise yourself to do it at 100% of effort. You will be amazed!