Week 1 ~ 2018 Masterkeys Mastermind 3.0

Here I go again…. diving deep into my personal development with my mastermind group.  Even with this being my 3rd round…. I am excited and ready for the work.

It is amazing how each time I have learned and grown far beyond what I thought was capable.

Talking about thought…. I realize now more than ever the power and need for being the diligent guardsman at the gate…. always working on controlling my thought to be of that WHICH I WANT ONLY!!!!

My take aways this week:

  1. Accept that I will fall back and catch myself right away.
  2. Adjust right in the moment…. changing my thought to be focused on what I want… where I want to go… do… etc.
  3. Let go of the ego power of hanging onto a fear, resentment, or made up story about what just happened.
  5. Know CLEARLY what I want… of course how could I control my thought to what I want if I am not crystal clear in my definite chief aim.
  6. Always come from a mindset of gratitude and thinking more life to all.
  7. DO THE WORK…. the inner mind thought work.

Part of deciding and getting clear on my Definite Major Purpose (DMP) I needed to decide on what I would sacrifice to be able to achieve it.

In the past it was things I did… or had…. This time around I realized that the sacrifices needed to be thoughts…

So I am sacrificing thoughts and feelings of resentment and anger….. and of quitting or giving up.

I always keep my promises.

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