Week 12 ~ 2018 Commitment & Focus

I have had so many ah’ha’s and awarenesses this week that have made me grown up.

Seriously… hitting the big 6-0 in March and found myself thinking in a different paradigm that I can only attribute to week 12 webinar for my mastermind group….
The Master Key Experience.

We had an exercise on last Sunday’s webinar that I have done in the previous 2 years, this year was profoundly different.

We tightened up and condensed our Definite Major Purpose (DMP) from around 400 words to a concise 1 sentence. This was a major feat in of itself as I spent several months investigating the recesses of my mind of desires to really decide what I wanted in the remaining life I have.

In the 400 word version it describes my ideal health, business, and life with 
emotionally rich descriptions. 

The one sentence boiled down to the most committed part:

“I AM A: confident and successful business builder and leader earning in excess of $500,000/ year residual income enthusiastically helping others in Melaleuca to do the same with the teachings of MasterKeyMastermind and Go90Grow.”

It feels right.

So during the webinar, we put it on pause…. and everyone went to a mirror. I then spent the next 50 minutes reciting my 1 sentence DMP out loud while looking into the mirror at myself.
Knowing that the rest of the participants were doing the same, I felt invigorated. 

My experience during this ran the gamut of 1st being hesitant and quiet as I tried to memorize and then recite while looking into my eyes… to confidently speaking the sentence and letting it flow off my tongue without restarts.
Somewhere in all that, my mind began to actually see myself and my life in the future… and what it is like having already achieved it.

Very Powerful!!

I will definitely use this tool for other beliefs I want to cement into my cells as truth!