Week 15 – 2016 Admission of Guilty

Yep….. I admit it. I feel just like the dog sitting with her head down and big puppy eyes straining to look lovingly into her masters face.

I had a week from He** and not going to deny it… I fell off the wagon of all my promises to myself of doing my readings, writing my gratitudes, and staying true to my commitment of MKMMA.

No good reason. I was in a funk. I could tell you about the health issues that were present this week…. but won’t. I could describe in detail all the things I allowed myself to eat… but won’t. I could complain how sucky the week was…. but won’t.

I allowed myself to be angry and think negative. I allowed myself to be disappointed with myself. I thought about alot of stuff that I know better to not think about.

I didn’t do the work that I have been learning, practicing and embodying for the last 4 months.

And my week sucked big time.

And yet, I am kinda glad it happened.

The Master Keys by Haanel in part 15-29 thru 34 states:

29. In the physical world there is a law of compensation which is that “the appearance of a given amount of energy anywhere means the disappearance of the same amount somewhere else,” and so we find that we can get only what we give; if we pledge ourselves to a certain action we must be prepared to assume the responsibility for the development of that action. The subconscious cannot reason. It takes us at our word; we have asked for something; we are now to receive it; we have made our bed, we are now to lie in it; the die has been cast; the threads will carry out the pattern we have made.

30. For this reason Insight must be exercised so that the thought which we entertain contains no mental, moral or physical germ which we do not wish objectified in our lives.

31. Insight is a faculty of the mind whereby we are enabled to examine facts and conditions at long range, a kind of human telescope; it enables us to understand the difficulties, as well as the possibilities, in any undertaking.

32. Insight enables us to be prepared for the obstacles which we shall meet; we can therefore overcome them before they have any opportunity of causing difficulty.

33. Insight enables us to plan to advantage and turn our thought and attention in the right direction, instead of into channels which can yield no possible return.

34. Insight is therefore absolutely essential for the development of any great achievement, but with it we may enter, explore and possess any mental field.

This was a perfect part of the reading that helped me to understand the need to stay true to my promise to myself to stay with the MKMMA lessons and my new habits…. and also to the benefit of a down week like last week and the learnings that are possible.

My desire and promise to to stay on course with my new habits and new me.


8 thoughts on “Week 15 – 2016 Admission of Guilty

  1. Wendy, I can TOTALLY relate and understand that feeling! The fact that you acknowledge that you dropped the ball is awesome! You were able to take last week and move forward from all of the obstacles! This is real and it is inspiring to me. Thank you for your honesty and transparency!!! It is very appreciated and valued! Keep up the awesome work you are doing for yourself!

  2. Yes, this IS part of our process of becoming for all of us from time to time. Thank you for sharing. You GO girl!

  3. I can relate so much with your post! So thank you for sharing! 😀
    And now I feel that this is my way that I’m learning about myself. So, in a way I enjoy this way… I hope that you know what I mean!

  4. Thanks Wendy for your honesty. I too have admitted when weeks are rough. It takes a strong person to be able to do that. I am glad that you are working through all of the chaos in your world. You are going to come through stronger and more focused than ever before. Have a wonderful day!!

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