Week 15 ~ 2017 Letting Go Of Old Thoughts

Been questioning myself alot lately about why I believe in certain things. Or why I respond in that automatic way to some situation.

Like…. why did I always default to a feeling of scarcity when paying bills and looking at my bank account even tho there was enough in there?

Or why would I automatically be disgusted when a client was late for an appointment, or a prospect would stand me up without even a call or text or changing their mind?

I find that in questioning myself about these things, and staying an observer and recognizing when it is happening…. that a couple things begin to happen:

1. I am giving myself an ever so slight of a pause between reactions to think and choose

2. I am recognizing that my automatic response isn’t the response I wish to choose

3. I am seeing the connection between the disempowering thought and creation of my reality

4. I challenge myself to make a new thought, decision, which I can groom into a new habit to follow the type of person I prefer to be and already see myself as being

5. I am alot more tolerant of others

It’s quite interesting the power of thought…. and creation of outward results.

Even in the instance of feeling scarcity/ lack when looking at my checkbook when paying bills…. even though there “is enough” I have been seeing the downward trend of my savings. I know this is not a coincidence. I know I am creating “not enough” because of my feeling of not enough.

Even that thought has translated into my self confidence of not enough.

And really I am good with never finding out why or how that belief was formed. I am seeing the need to reeducate my thinking to be of “enough”. And to recognize immediately when the old thought pops in and immediately reeducate the thought.

This is why I am persisting in my self development and staying the course with Master Keys… it is a simple structure if you are willing to do the work…. which can be easy if you choose to believe it is.

I choose to believe it is.