Week 2 ~ 2018 Letting Go Of The Old Story Of Why “I Can’t”


This is round 3 for me in this wonderful global mastermind…. And I am back for MORE.

The work is tough… glorious… time consuming… and WORTH IT.

Personal growth, in my humble opinion, should never be “a thing” you spend some time on and then stop.

We are what we think about…. ALL THE TIME! Be the careful “guardsman at the gate” of your mind because it directly impresses and influences your subconscious mind where all action comes from. Not taking action? Taking wrong action? Check in with the results you are currently getting and investigate your inner mind with what you are knowing AND unknowingly filling it with!

OK OK OK…. I just wrote that last paragraph all in the 3rd party “you” tense….. and really it is meant to be ME speaking to ME.!!! hahaha CAUGHT!!!

Anyways…. this is a great video on our thoughts….

Tell me what YOU think about it!