Week 2 Masterkeys 2019 Personal Pivitol Needs

I would think that after 3 years of taking this course and seriously doing the work….. that it would be a no brainer for me to choose my PPN’s…. personal pivitol needs.

In the exercise we do in class to discover the 2 out of 7 needs that are our inner most driving force behind what we want and who we are…. I find it fascinating to do every year.

I really do think that the process is initially clouded with the life circumstance in the moment. Like the 1st year I took the Masterkeys…. 2016, I was just finishing chemo and radiation treatments. So of course, True Health was in my top 2.

And the next year, as all those medical bills were present….. Liberty seemed to be my focus. Having enough $$$$$ to do what I want whenever, for as long as I wanted.

Could it be possible, that even this simple exercise of claiming our PPN’s are so clouded in cement of old, incorrect beliefs of ourselves that we unknowingly take on is also the cement on the Golden Buddha? I think so.

So its been interesting in 2018 and now 2019 as my life begins to come back to an even keel I find that there is a sense of peace around this whole idea of personal pivitol needs. I’m finding that my focus now is not so different than when I was young, healthy, and not much of an adult care in the world.

True Health and Recognition for Creative Expression.