Week 22 – 2016 62 Hours of Silent Meditation

This past March 1-3 I went into 2.5 days of silent meditation.

I stayed at my sister’s north woods home. I was the only one there and was set for the time with groceries.

As luck would have it, the first day it snowed. Not just snow… but blizzard type snow with winds around 50 mph from sunrise and through that night. Even though I dislike the snow and cold, I welcomed it with the anticipation of being alone and dedicated to no technology.

My companions were a couple of books, my journal, and my thoughts.

Here is my 62 hours of silence takeaways:


Believe in myself and trust myself

Release self doubt

Monitor my thoughts for the positive only…. always



Ok…. did it really take such a major experiment to have these realizations?

No. AND it was the silence between my thoughts that was the profound experience. When I was able to quiet my mind and stop the ego chatter of the monkey mind that was the golden part of this.

Time disappeared.

I could have stayed there longer.

Precious experience… I will make it a habit at least once a year and for longer than 2.5 days.