Week 3 ~ 2018 Joy vs Happiness

This topic has been on my mind a lot this week.

The question of “Why am I not happy” has been in my thoughts…. now bear with me as I dissect this!

Just the realization of the nature of assuming I am “not” happy already is great cause for concern. What if I really am happy and just don’t realize it? Then its the “addiction to the peptides of sadness”???

Or even going into the conversation of “I’ll be happy when…” I know better than that. It’s moving the goal posts of happiness that is my chase.

I stumbled upon this video by Matthew McConaughey that really summed up what I was twisting around in my head…… its all a choice.

But JOY just feels different than happiness…. I agree with him…. happiness is a destination and joy is the process.

I like that. But don’t believe what I have to say on it…. watch Matthew’s video for yourself and you think on it. You decide what it means for you.

6 thoughts on “Week 3 ~ 2018 Joy vs Happiness

  1. Thank you for sharing, Success is different for different people. I like when he said “get rid of the excess that waste our time through a process of elimination.

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