Week 6 ~ 2018 No Opinion


So I was looking back at my previous years of Master Key blogging and discovered that I was in Vegas during this week of the mastermind.

So funny… because I just returned from Vegas on Tuesday night.

This topic is a constant reminder for me….. I guess I have been very opinionated… and no so very aware of it.

Not something I’m proud of…. but I’m also not beating myself over the head about it anymore. Acknowledge the thought… it is there… then refocus on what I really want and move on.

Guess that last sentence sums up the whole learning for me. If I try to “catch myself” or if I make myself wrong for having the opinion, I end up feeling bad about myself and THAT thought and feeling sticks with me. And that doesn’t feel good, nor is it good for anyone.

So the biggie here is to acknowledge the thought. I am human. AND I can control my thought….so as soon as I recognize my thought is off course…. It is time to redirect the ship back to thinking about what I DO want.

Makes sense to me anyways!

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