Week 9 – 2016 Frustrated



Last week Haanel’s sit exercise had us visualizing starting at an end result and working backwards to its’ inception. I found this to be easy and then applied it to my goal and had a relatively easy time with it.

This week’s sit is reversing the process and starting at the beginning and visualizing to completion. He has us start with our favorite flower…. to take its seed and plant it. Care for it and see the roots growing, a new stem emerging, and eventually blossoming into a flower.

Again, I tried applying it to my goal. In this direction, I found it to be much more difficult to visualize. I would get stuck at the same point every time. Coincidentally (or maybe not), it is the point at which I get stuck in real life.

The more “sits” I would do in applying Haanel’s exercise to my goal, the more frustrated I became…. and realized that I am actually training my subconscious backwards to resist this point. It even caused me at times to question my decision of working a network marketing business. Doubt has reared its ugly head and in moments of clarity I see that this spot I get to and resist is really my big nut to crack to be able to move forward TO my goal.

I must keep my clarity and remain open to the process and possibly get feedback from someone who is already past that point to help me see what I am not yet seeing.

I will keep my promises to do the work and continue forward as I am driven to break through this!

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